blakebrough + king cutting saw knife

blakebrough + king


  • blakebrough + king cutting saw knife
  • blakebrough + king cutting saw knife
  • blakebrough + king cutting saw knife
  • blakebrough + king cutting saw knife

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Cutting Saw Knife

designer: blakebrough + king (ben blakebrough)

style: builder's companion / chef's knife / cleaver

dimensions: 23cm long

material: repurposed metal cutting saw blade (high speed steel), copper, timber shou sugi ban handle, beeswax

The blade is made from high speed steel repurposed from discarded metal cutting saws. This metal is extremely hard and strong. The blade has been sharpened using the Japanese tradition, on the outer face of the knife with a burred edge creating a sharp cut every time.


Care for your cutting saw knife using time honoured traditional means:

  • Clean with hot water and mild soap, wipe blade dry before storage.
  • Can be oiled with camellia oil or similar to prevent rust (if any rust does occur will clean off with gentle scourer. (Excessive scouring will remove the gold marking on the blade - although this will not have any impact on the knife's use). It is recommended to rinse, wipe the blade and dry the blade immediately once used, especially when cutting citrus or other high acid foods.  
  • The blade is super sharp so please take due care when handling, and see notes on use below. To sharpen the blade run the outer edge along a sharpening stone at the angle fo the edge. A diamond stone is recommended. 
  • The shou sugi ban handle is finished with beeswax and will age beautifully. It can be cleaned with water and detergent. It is not recommended to use a scourer on the handle but a gentle sponge or wipe.  Beeswax can be applied to the surface of the handle to maintain if desired (but not necessary). The copper band on the handle will patina with age. It can be kept polished with a light scourer if preferred.

Handmade in Moss Vale, NSW.

Notes on use:

These knives are all super sharp, but due to the style of blade used some have recommended uses which we outline below. In all cases as with all knives please use with care.

  • chef's knife and cleaver are both good size utility knives, finely slice hard skinned citrus beautifully, also great with soft fruits such as kiwi. I find the cleaver the perfect hard cheese knife. For carnivores both chop meat and fish nicely.
  • the builder's companion smaller knife os a tough outdoor companion working beautifully outdoors on ropes etc
  • WARNING: Due to the thickness of the steel and the gradient of the blade (the traditional Japanese style) when used for vegetables or fruits with a dense makeup such as apples, carrots etc the cutting action is more of a wedging cut which may take some getting used to and there is risk of injury, please handle with care.

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