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  • koloro desk
  • koloro desk
  • koloro desk
  • koloro desk

This variant is currently sold out.

koloro desk designed by TORAFU ARCHITECTS

"koloro-desk – a place to 'nest' at ease"

The koloro-desk has windows at various locations, opening to give a more open, accessible feel and when closed creating a small private room where no one can disturb you. Lighting and potted plants can be added, and there are windows for displaying the occasional ornament, hooks for bags, and a cord manager allowing PC use. Arrange the koloro-desk to make a study for Dad, a play area for a child, a hobby space or whatever you would like it to be.


This piece is sold on an order basis. The price listed here includes sea mail shipping rates from Japan to Australia, and delivery times are approximately 8-12 weeks from order. This price is for in store pick up only, if delivery is required we will provide a quote. Please contact us before purchase to discuss full details, and colour options.

koloro-stool is sold separately. Please see here.

'Koloro' is also an Esperanto word, meaning color. Esperanto was devised as a common international language allowing people all over the world to communicate more easily.

Material: koloro-desk: polyester plywood(base material: lauan plywood), Japanese ash 

Dimensions: W736×D556×H1318

Image credit: Akihiro Ito

koloro series is produced by Ichiro. Ichiro is a maker of polyester decorative plywood. Paints are mixed in-house to produce colors to order. Now Ichiro have taken a fresh approach, from a different starting point, to the relationship between everyday spaces and furniture, and embarked on a new kind of furniture-making aimed at forging a new kind of connection. This is the 'Ichiro-Iro' project. 'Iro' is Esperanto for 'tool'. Ichiro offer tools designed to bring the real you to day-to-day living.

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