koloro dowel blocks



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"Dowel blocks joined by doweling to create multiple shapes"ξ

Fun polyester decorative plywood blocks can be joined with doweling to form various shapes äóñ the only limit is your imagination. Holes on five sides allows the blocks to be connected three-dimensionally in an infinite number of ways.Œæ

Material: polyester plywood(base material: lauan plywood)ξ

Size: W240í„D240í„H36äó¢_?äó¢_?

Image credit: Akihiro Itoξ

koloro series is produced by Ichiro. Ichiro is a maker of polyester decorative plywood. Paints are mixed in-house to produce colors to order. Now Ichiro have taken a fresh approach, from a different starting point, to the relationship between everyday spaces and furniture, and embarked on a new kind of furniture-making aimed at forging a new kind of connection. This is the 'Ichiro-Iro' project. 'Iro' is Esperanto for 'tool'. Ichiro offer tools designed to bring the real you to day-to-day living.

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