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Seasol is a great tonic for general use on your indoor and outdoor plants. Be sure to dilute this concentrate according to packet instructions, and it will last a very long time for indoor plant use. OK for use together with the brass mister for foliage application.

Seasol has been manufacturing and marketing organic and environmentally friendly products for over 30 years. 

Seasol is derived from a uniquely Australian Bull Kelp which is collected from the remote beaches – it is not harvested from living marine forests.

It contains growth stimulants, trace elements, potassium and alginates. Seasol induces thicker and stronger cell walls in plant leaves and reduces the incidence of damage from insect and fungal attacks.

Powerfeed is also available.

Safe on food crops?

Seasol is safe and very effective on all food crops. Seasol increases yields, promotes overall health and even improves flavour! Apply at the rate of 30 ml Seasol per 9 litres of water every 2 weeks. As with all plant treatments, wash edible plants before eating. For optimum results use Seasol with PowerFeed for Tomatoes and Vegetables.

Can I use Seasol on a sick plant?

Seasol is a good tonic for sick plants, it is not classified as a fertiliser - see below fo rmore informatin on that. Use Saesol, not Powerfeed on your sick plants. (FYI - never use fertilisers on sick plants, fertiliser boosts helathy plants, it is not a medicine for sick plants). Seasol makers recommend initially two applications, one week apart. Apply to the soil, at double the normal rate. Then apply fortnightly, gradually scaling back to the normal rate.

Combining Powerfeed and Seasol?

You can combine Powerfeed and Seasol at a 1:1 ratio, then follow dilution rates in the pack for a boosted plant food.

What's the difference between Seasol and Powerfeed?

Seasol is made from two species of seaweed – Bull Kelp (Durvillaea potatorum), Chile Bull Kelp (Durvillaea Antarctica) and Knotted Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum). It is not, by definition, a fertiliser (as it contains only marginal nitrogen and phosphorus levels). Seasol seaweed concentrate is a complete garden health treatment that contains plant nutrients, trace elements, alginic acid and other bioactive compounds. Seasol promotes healthy roots, encourages beneficial soil micro-organisms, stimulates flowering and fruiting and helps plants to cope with stresses like heat, drought, frost and pest and disease attack.

PowerFeed is a fertiliser. It has a fish base which is fortified with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The ratio of which is Weight to Volume N 12%: P 1.4%: K 7% respectively. PowerFeed also contains dynamic soil improvers in the form of humic acids. These compounds work at very low rates and are literally like adding liquid composts to the soil. As well as being a quality fertiliser, PowerFeed is also a clay breaker. It stimulates beneficial soil microbial activity and markedly reduces leaching in sandy soils.



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