Makijima Tea Co. Cold Brew Sencha


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This sencha was grown and processed by Fumiaki Iwata and his team in Nara.

It is a blend of different tea varieties like okumidori and yabukita, aimed to achieve a lively yet well-rounded flavour without forgoing "traditional" Japanese sencha subtleties. This blend is perfect for cold tea brewing:

Step 1. Add 10g to 1 litre of tea in a lidded jug that will fit in your fridge. Keep cold for 6-12 hours to slowly brew

Step 2. Strain through tea strainer into your glass or cup

Step 3. Enjoy!

Keep leftover ice tea in the fridge and finish within 1-2 days.

A true artisan blend and we hope this Japanese green tea can find a place in your everyday life.