Space Framed : Photography, Architecture and the Social Landscape


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  • While much has been written about how photography serves architecture, this book looks at how fine-art photographers frame constructed space – from cities to single anonymous rooms. It analyses various techniques used and reveals resonances and rhythms found in the photographs as they occur at different scales, times and settings. 

    Photographs become vehicles for thinking about the co-existence between individuals and social groups and their surroundings spaces and settings in the city and the landscape. By considering questions of technique and practice on the one hand, and the formal and aesthetic qualities of photographs on the other, the book opens up new ways of looking at and thinking about architecture and how we relate to our environment. 

    Hardcover • 184 Pages • Size: 250 × 190 mm
    51 B&W illustrations and 72 colour illustrations
    ISBN: 9781848222731 • Publication: October 01, 2020