Umeshu Set #8


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Umeshu Gift Set

Uzenshiraume Junmai Umeshu Umeyusui (Japanese plum wine) 720ml 
2x Usuhari Tumbler SS
Giftboxed, ready for gifting

Uzenshiraume Junmai Umeshu Umeyusui:
Fruity plum aroma. Fresh, fruity plum flavour with sweet bitter aftertaste - reminiscent of Campari - good as an aperitif. UMEYUSUI umeshu is softer and more gentle umeshu. It can be enjoyed at any temperature, though the brewers recommend to try it lukewarm on those cold Winter days and also on chillier Summer nights. Warmed to lukewarm temperature, this umeshu will gently warm the mind, body and spirit.

Usuhari tumbler SS:
Usu-hari (thin glass) are each carefully hand blown and crafted by master craftsmen in the Sumida district in downtown Tokyo.
This SS size is perfect for umeshu, sake, liqueur, etc.
Usuhari are created using the same techniques that was traditionally used for hand-making glass light bulbs. Less than 1mm thick, the feel of it in your hands, the sound ice makes when it is swirled in the glass, and fineness of the rim is truly exquisite and unique to this glass. Usuhari appear to be extremely delicate but it can be handled like normal glassware. So experience and enjoy this exquisite glass for yourself often. It adds an exquisite touch to enjoying your favourite drink.
8cm h x 4.5cm w

IMPORTANT: Sale of sake is only available as part of a gift set. Sake is only for sale to customers over 18. Proof of age may be required in store or before any orders are sent or collected.