Umeshu Set #9


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Umeshu Gift Set

Kumamon umeshu 500ml
2x Andrei Davidoff Sake Cup
Giftboxed, ready for gifting

Kumamon Umeshu 500ml:
KUMAMON umeshu has a rice shochu base, and is lighter than sake base Umeshu. Highly enjoyable over ice, KUMAMON is recommended as a digestiv, and especially for those who enjoy a Gin Tonic after dinner.  The maker of KUMAMON, Toyonaga, uses organic ingredients in their umeshu.

Andrei Davidoff Sake Cups:
Ceramic sake cups hand made in Melbourne.
5cm h x 6.5cm w

IMPORTANT: Sale of sake is only available as part of a gift set. Sake is only for sale to customers over 18. Proof of age may be required in store or before any orders are sent or collected.