TERRA Hanging Argyle


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A glass vase which is designed after a terrarium, made for collecting and showcasing plants. It's a fabulous interior which makes a plant floating on air in your room. This is a hanging type. You can put a plant on the wall like a picture.

Hanging argyle w150 x d45 x h300


Glass, Solder


The sleek glass faces, geometric shape and metal edges are so quiet that you can purely appreciate a whole plant including even its root. This hanging type would be best for seeing plants like a picture on the wall. Note that plants as shown in the slides are not included.


The name of the brand "[ 10¹² ] TERRA" was inspired by the number of cells produced per day (10¹²) and glass cases called terrarium, made for collecting and showcasing plants.
We started this brand to create products that mirror the constant changes of life, full of new discovery.