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  • KAKUDO Board
  • KAKUDO Board
  • KAKUDO Board
  • KAKUDO Board
  • KAKUDO Board

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KAKUDO Boards are new additions to the KAKUDO series. It can be used as a cutting board and as a plate at the same time. For example, bread cut on the board in the kitchen can be served directly to the dining table without replacing the slices onto another plate.

You may use it as a board to serve hot baked food such as gratin in a dish.

The groove all around its rim catches liquids and/or bread crumbs, creating no mess on the table.

dimensions (mm):

KAKUDO Board S w174 x d174 x h21
KAKUDO Board M w280 x d126 x h21
KAKUDO Board L w280 x d174 x h21
KAKUDO Board X-Large w280 x w280 x h21


Walnut, Cherry




Four shapes are available to match variations in food serving sizes.

Great for serving for a one-plate meal.

These boards are tough enough to be used with metal cutleries, so you may as well serve a food like steak.

"KAKUDO" means "angle" in Japanese. Certain variations of angles give the tableware unique functions and forms. Every corner and/or edge is finished to give a round shape with gentle details. A series of articles for daily use with "kakudo (angle)" and a round finish.

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