Bentenmusume Junmai Goriki 26BY Sake



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The appearance is clear and very pale straw colour. At room temperature the aroma has a very slight suggestion of peach around warm rice base. The flavour is clean with a tingly suggestion of peach leaving a dry zingy aftertaste around the edges of the tongue. We found the best temperature for drinking this sake to be 40~45˚C. At this temp. the aroma is warm and ricey. The flavour is more mellow still with a hint of peach and slightly sharp aftertaste.

Tottori Prefecture, Japan
Made using Goriki rice which is produced only in Tottori prefecture.
Bentenmusume's character is the dryness, and full of Umami.



IIMPORTANT: Sale of sake is only available as part of a gift set. You must choose sakeware of other ceramic or foodstuff at least equal to the value of the bottle of sake. This is then parcelled together as a gift box for which an $8 charge is added. We wil be in touch upon checkout with the details for the extra charge. Sake is anly for sale to customers over 18. Proof of age may be required in store or before any online orders are sent.

Bentenmusume brewery is at Wakasa-cho in Tottori. 

The brewery was established in 1909 and is made up of family members and even their Sake tanks are named the 1st daughter, 2nd daughter ... And each is treated like their own child. The rice they use is all grown locally in Wakasa town and on each Sake bottle, alongside the ingredients, is the name of the farmer who grew the rice.

What is your emphasis in brewing Sake?

We take care with our rice. Complete fermentation.

What is Bentenmusume’s appeal?

Our brewery is located in Wakasachō. Wakasa is a small town that is 95% forest, and is rich in greenery and crystal clear water. We only brew sake with rice grown in Wakasa. We want to preserve the uniqueness of our Sakes, so we bottle each batch individually.

How would you drink this Sake and what kinds of food does it go with?

Please enjoy our Sake hot, in ceramic Sake ware. We recommend steamed, stewed vegetables, grilled chicken “yakitori” or fish dishes.

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