Lois Hazel Pleat Skirt Charcoal

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  • The Pleat Skirt. Sitting on your waist with a thin waist band, pleats and invisible zip at the side. Finishing mid calf, you can wear this piece with the popular Rib Top or Tee or with the Rise shirt for a more work appropriate look. 


    Eco Dry Clean
    Avoid the use of harsh detergents and chemicals when getting your woolen garment cleaned.


    M A K E
    - Maker: Lois Hazel Studio 
    - Location: Brunswick, VIC, Australia 
    F A B R I C 
    - Supplier: Wall Fabric 
    - Composition: 100% Wool
    - Origin: China
    - Deadstock - Fabric that is leftover or over-ordered from other desginers and manufacturers. This allows us to reuse and divert these materials from landfill and give them a new life in our customers wardrobe.
    T H R E A D
    - Supplier: Mrecht
    - Content: 100% Polyester 
    - Location: Collingwood, VIC, Australia 
    - Origin: China
    Z I P S
    - Supplier: LZF
    - Content: Nylon / Polyester
    - Location: Brunswick, VIC, Australia 
    - Origin: Australia 
    B R A N D L A B E L S
    - Supplier: Cash's
    - Content: 100% Polyester 
    - Location: Melbourne, Australia 
    - Origin: Woven in Australia 
    C A R E L A B E L S
    - Supplier: Huzhou Unifull Textile Co.
    - Content: 100% Cotton (Oeko-Tex certified for not using any harmful substances)
    - Location: Shanghai, China
    - Origin: Woven in Huzhou City, China
    I N F O L A B E L S
    - Supplier: Britannia packaging
    - Content: 100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton 
    - Location: England , UK 
    - Origin: Woven in India
    S I Z E L A B E L S
    - Supplier: Mrecht 
    - Content: 100% Nylon
    - Location: Collingwood, VIC, Australia 
    - Origin: Woven in China 
    I M A G E
    - Photographer : Ryan Wheatley
    - H&MU : Peninsula Make up
    - Location : Lois Hazel Studio
    - Model : Shaniqua Shaw (size 6)
    - Agency : Jira Models