Alwych All Weather Notebook


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The Alwych notebook has remained a timeless classic for over 80 years.

The sharp lines of the ‘all weather’ cover coupled with the unique blue edging and section-sewn light cream pages creates an iconic notebook, that is both flexible and durable, constructed to keep your notes safe.

Alwych notebooks have been used by British Antarctic expeditions over the years and have a keen following from those pursuing outdoor activities including gardeners, walkers, golfers, birders, hikers, mountaineers, potholers, explorers, archaeologists, etc.


5 1/4″ x 3 1/4″; 133mm x 83mm
80 Leaves
160 Pages

6 3/8″ x 4″;162mm x 102mm
80 Leaves
60 Pages

7″ x 4″ 1/2; 178mm x 114mm
96 Leaves
180 Pages

8″ x 5″; 203mm x 127mm
144 Leaves
288 Pages

Key Features

  • Flexible ‘all weather’ cover to protect against the elements
  • Faint ruled pages printed on light cream paper to increase opacity and reduce ‘shine through’
  • Section sewn pages are welded into the strong ‘All Weather’ cover, to provide lasting strength and durability
  • Distinctive blue edging
  • Rounded corners