Marine Debris Bakelite x Kirstie van Noort Cup


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  • Marine Debris Bakelite cup by Kirstie Van Noort

    dimensions 80mm dia x 48mm h

    An elegantly contemporary drinking cup designed by Dutch ceramic artist Kirstie Van Noort with a distinctive ('no spill') low profile, making it functional at home, in the office or studio, for a restaurant or cafe setting - works too for children, as a picnic cup or even to serve ice-cream in...

    Kirstie is renowned for her inspirational use of colour in glazes derived from specific geographical landscapes, and supercyclers has worked with Kirstie to create a limited colour palette of pinky browns, deep blue grey and subtly coloured neutrals that reflect a palette in her "Cornwall Collection" 

    We've also used Kirstie's signature finishing technique to highlight the interiors with our food safe wax resin in gloss, while the exterior is a contrasting matt.

    The Cup is made from 100% plastic washed up onto Australian Beaches out of the Great Garbage Pacific Patch.

    recycled and recyclable

    help save the oceans in style

    material: Marine Debris Bakelite, food safe impervious wax resin coating (so the plastic itself does not come in to contact with your food), recycled rubber band.

    made in Australia

    care: handwash with earth safe detergent and sponge. no microwave (though it copes fine with warm or hot food)

    about supercyclers

    A design collective that aims to build a sustainable future into the products they create and transform perceptions of waste materials in the process. Founded by designer and curator Sarah K in order to address and elevate the issues of sustainability in design and to focus on those creating original sustainable solutions in design thinking while still staying strong on aesthetics. 
    In 2010 Liane Rossler and Sarah K launched the first supercyclers project with their re-imagining of the most discarded and ugliest of waste, the single use plastic bag, turning these into delicate coloured vessels. The aim, which has become an important principle of supercyclers, was to make the discarded desirable again.
    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Since then supercyclers has evolved as both a platform for the profile and exhibition of works by designers from all over the world, who are raising the bar of sustainable solutions in design. and as an international design brand, producing works by a growing number of world class designers.