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Sharon Alpren is a UK-born Melbourne-based potter. 

"I am a potter. I began making pots after work in London as a buyer in fashion and homewares. When I moved to a place in outback Australia where there was no such work I found somewhere I could make pots instead, and there I fell in love with clay and its processes. I now live in Melbourne and still make pots. Pots for the home, both practical and sculptural, and architectural pieces through work with designers.

I work with my hands, pinching, coiling and slabbing, and on the wheel. Intrigued by the process of making and the nature of ceramic materials, I let the characteristics of the clay, the glaze and the fire direct my work. And fascinated by texture, I am forever experimenting with glazes and finishes. I fire in a gas kiln to about 1250 degrees, usually in a reduction atmosphere which creates a variety of tones in the clay and textures in the glaze.

I want to make pieces that I love, and are loved and used by others. I want people to pick them up, touch them, feel their imperfections, sense the raw, earthy materials. Something that has been inspired by ageless processes, yet is very contemporary. This is what they say to me. I hope you see that too."