SOLIDTEKNICS 26cm Chef's Skillet


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The 26cm ‘workhorse’ Chef’s restaurant pan, and the biggest-seller. Seamless, one piece, rivet-free construction for improved hygiene and multi-century durability, with other attributes and innovations as per above. 3mm thick for even heating - Induction compatible.

L 53cm, Diam 26cm, H at handle 10cm, H of bowl 5cm, 1.6kg

SOLIDTEKNICS AUS-ION™ wrought iron (low-carbon steel) cookware is acclaimed by professional chefs. It's a highly innovative re-imagining of cast iron cookware by an Australian engineering company who have worked with top chefs to refine the range. AUS-ION cookware is non-toxic, healthy, sustainable, and multi-century durable. Suitable for all cooktops & situations: Induction, Gas, Ceramic, Halogen, Electric, Oven and Fire.

  • local and loved - the only production cookware range that is made in Australia. Made from clean Australian wrought iron
  • highest performance pans - same performance as the best French cast iron, but half the weight. Loved by the best chefs
  • sustainable and healthy - AUS-ION iron pans have a forever renewable nonstick coating. Say no to synthetic nonstick coating that wear and are thrown away
  • durable and clean - world-first patent pending seamless, rivetless, one-piece construction for hygeine and durability, these pans come with a muti-centrury warranty

About AUS-ION cookware

AUS-ION™ Australian-made wrought iron (formed low-carbon steel) professional cookware is perfect for everyday oil/fat based frying, grilling, etc. AUS-ION™ cooks and seasons like all of the best quality French bare cast iron cookware, but is half the weight. Seasoned iron is the only known non-toxic and forever-renewable non-stick. All other non-stick cookware is made with toxic and/or disposable synthetic coatings. 

Suitable for all cooktops & situations: Induction, Gas, Ceramic, Halogen, Electric, Oven and Fire.

It's easy it is to build-your-own healthy non-stick and forever-renewable cooking surface, never replace a pan again. Instructions provided with product and online.

Product highlights:

  • no rivets, for improved durability and hygeine (warranty is multi-century)
  • broad concave handle for more control and less fatigue
  • vented neck on handle to reduce heat transfer to hand
  • shot-peened and re-seasoned all over for the ultimate in natural renewable nonstick
  • proudly 100% made in Australia


Mark James Henry was probably born to innovate in engineering. At age 3 he woke before dawn one Christmas morning and fully assembled a tricky powered construction set that his parents thought they might struggle with in the morning......

Fast forward 40-something years, a metal trade, two degrees, several languages, and a string of patents, brands and businesses later, and you could say Mark is feeling quietly confident about his new innovations and the future of SOLIDTEKNICS.