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    Name Small Cup - CHOKO
    Size H59 φ73mm
    Box size H68 W83 D83mm
    Weight(with box) 180g (230g)
    Capacity approx. 120cc
    Design Setsuko Yamada
    Material Tin 100%
    Introduction This item is designed for Soba soup but can be used for Sake as well.
    Using traditional casting technique handed down for more than 400 years in Takaoka, Toyama prefecture, it is made of 100% pure tin which possesses high antibacterial properties.  As it is also known that tin purifies water and enhances the flavor of sake, it allows us to enjoy liquor in the best possible conditions.
    Each one of them has a touch of handmade and changes its tone as used. We hope you to understand material properties, and enjoy these unique pieces.