Alg Seaweed Seaweed Chickpea Miso + Sesame Furikake Seasoning 50g


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  • Like salt and pepper in the western diet, this is a versatile do-it-all seasoning that everyone loves.

    Similar to the delicious furikake seasoning the Japanese use on rice every day and we think it looks good too.

    • 100% natural
    • Vegan friendly
    • No preservatives or additives
    • Healthy (vetted by a dietitian)
    • Delicious flavour-full umami
    • Made in Australia


    Balanced flavours

    Slightly sweet and crunchy with subtle umami. The heroes of this seasoning are the organic Tasmanian-produced chickpea miso, toasted sesame, sea salt and a tiny pinch of brown sugar to balance the saltiness. And of course, our nutritious Rainbow Seaweed.


    Limitless recipe options

    Chickpea Miso & Crunchy Sesame seasoning works well with anything! Introduce it to your daily routine. Use it on oozy egg yolk for breakfast. Sprinkle on rice bowls, noodles, roasted potato or pan-fried vegetables.

    Thinking of making healthy bento boxes for your children? Try this!


    Furikake Seasoning Fun-fact

    Furikake was designed to combat malnutrition. In the 20th century, pharmacist Suekichi Yoshimaru created a powder-mix of ground fish bones, sesame, poppy seeds and seaweed aimed to add more calcium to the national diet and combat malnutrition.

    Nissin Foods took this concept after WWII and furikake seasoning soon became a condiment in every household in Japan.

    Our seasoning has no fish ( vegan-friendly ) but has iodine-rich 5 Seaweed Rainbow and high calcium sesame!



    Toasted white & *black sesame(64%), Rainbow SeaweedTM [*sea lettuce (ulva rigida), Tasmanian wakame (undaria pinnatifida), *Atlantic nori (porphyra dioica), *dulse (palmaria palmata), *winged kelp (alaria esculenta)] (20%), Tasmanian *chickpea miso (8%), sea salt, brown sugar.
    *certified organic.

    Shake well before use

    Store in cool dry place out of direct sunlight