Mosquito coil incense stand and coils


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  • Ceramic stand with 2 mosquito incense coils made from organic for burning outside during Summer to help keep mosquitoes at bay. Can also be used as a stick incense stand.

    How to use: Fill ceramic stand with soft sand then place supplied mosquito incense coil on top.

    Or insert your incense stick into sand (stick incnese not included, please see our range here to purchase separately).

    These stands are traditionally used with charcoal ash in Japan, but replacing ash with soft sand is a good alternative.

    150mm ×  63mm h

    About the mosquito incense coil included: 

    Mosquito incense ingredients: Aromatic Grass, Chrysanthemum Powder and Tree Powder (Tabu).

    This mosquito coil only uses natural organic raw materials. Pyrethrum chrysanthemum is the main ingredient.