Behelfsheim - Enver Hirsch & Philipp Meuser


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  • Publisher Hirsch & Meuser
    ISBN 9783000656309

    During and shortly after the end of the Second World War, hundreds of thousands makeshift homes were built in and around the destroyed cities of Germany. Many were built in allotment gardens, which were largely spared from Allied bombing. Constructed of debris or the simplest building materials, most of these houses have since undergone a continuous structural and spatial upgrade. But this dwelling type is slowly disappearing as Germany’s cities expand and densify. In ‘Behelfsheim’, Enver Hirsch and Philipp Meuser document the phenomenon through photographs and historical graphics, a final acknowledgement of a temporary arrangement and its unique materiality.


    144 p, ills colour & bw, 22 x 26 cm, hb, German/English