Carwari Organic Black Sesame Tahini 375g


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  • Carwari signature product, made form organic black sesame seeds.

    Carwari Organic Unhulled Black Tahini is made with a traditonal stone mill which gives mild and slightly sweet taste with a distinct aroma.

    Ingredient: Organic Black Sesame Seeds

    Gluten Free

    Recipe idea:

    Black Tahini & Chocolate Tofu Mousse (Vegan, Dairy-free, Gluten-free)

    2-3 servings

    300g Silken Tofu (Pat with kitchen papers to remove excess water)
    100g Dark Chocolate (Plant based)
    40g Carwari Organic Black Tahini 
    1 Tbsp Carwari Organic Yuzu Spread 
    20ml Carwari Organic Agave Nectar 
    1/4 tsp Carwari Organic Yuzu Kosho Green (or Sea Salt)
    60ml Almond MIlk

    Put Tofu in a blender and blend until smooth. 
    Melt chopped dark chocolate using a water bath.
    Add Black Tahini, Yuzu Spread and Yuzu Kosho and melted chocolate into the tofu mixture and blend until smooth.
    Scrape the side with a spatula and add almond milk and Agave Nectar.  Blend until the mixture is well combined and smooth. 
    Divide the mousse mixture between serving dishes. Chill in a fridge for a few hours. 
    Just before serving take out the mousse from the fridge. Top with sliced fresh fruits or berries.