Grafa Tube Trowel


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Made from reclaimed materials in a Yarraville workshop, these tools have been designed with organic principles in mind. Copper is not only perfect for recycling, it’s perfect for the soil.

'Tube trowel'

Reclaimed tube single piece trowel with super strong spine for everyday gardening. Also great for clayish soils. This piece is made from 100% recylced content, the coppper tubing is Kembla copper tuing used in industry. The perfect garden tool for the recycle enthusiast.

About the materials


Copper is a pure metal which has been found to benefit soils in agriculture. Small amounts may contribute to better nutrient uptake and moisture retention. In addition, copper does not rust so typical oxidative effects do not rob soils of nitrogen and other nutrients.


Bronze is a high percentage copper alloy with increased toughness and lighter weight. With many of the benefits of copper it also has a lower coefficient of friction meaning it can be easily pushed into the soil.


Brass is another copper alloy used for handles and other finishing touches.