Grafa 'Forca'


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Handcrafted timber and copper tools for the passionate gardener. Made from reclaimed materials in a Yarraville workshop, these tools have been designed with organic principles in mind. Copper is not only perfect for recycling, it’s perfect for the soil.

  • Bronze tool head, copper ferrule, kiln dried spotted gum hardwood timber handle.

Designed specifically for digging in established garden beds or courtyard gardens. Ideal for lifting crops like potatoes and transplanting small-medium sized plants. Excellent for removing weeds or other fibrous materials, as well as working in organic fertilisers, compost or manure.

The timber handles are slightly rounded at the end with a radius for extra comfort and oiled with UV protection. They are a little longer in length than they appear here.

All tools are beautifully presented in sustainable custom kraft boxes, perfect for gifts. 

Timber handles can vary in colour from warm red to deep browns to light brown & have been finished with UV protection oil. Clean bronze and copper with fine grade steel wool or good quality metal polish. Keep tools out of weather for longevity.



About the materials


Copper is a pure metal which has been found to benefit soils in agriculture. Small amounts may contribute to better nutrient uptake and moisture retention. In addition, copper does not rust so typical oxidative effects do not rob soils of nitrogen and other nutrients.


Bronze is a high percentage copper alloy with increased toughness and lighter weight. With many of the benefits of copper it also has a lower coefficient of friction meaning it can be easily pushed into the soil.


Brass is another copper alloy used for handles and other finishing touches.