Rice Wax Candle



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Handmade Japanese candles with 100% natural rice wax.

dimensions (mm):

Rice Wax Candle (h80mm, duration 40min. 20pc-pack)





Rice wax, rush, WASHI-paper, cotton


- Reasonably priced yet made with 100% vegetable wax.
- Each piece is literally handmade by the master craftsmen at DAIYO in SHIGA prefecture using 100% natural materials.
- It is said that the number of the master candle-making craftsmen counts only 10 in Japan.
- Burns stably and beautifully without excess dripping wax

DAIYO with a hundred years of history is committed to make the genuine Japanese candles with 100% vegetable wax.

This point is very important and is the identity of the genuine Japanese candles.

As the material used is all natural, it burns stably and beautifully without excess dripping wax and is environmentally sustainable as well.

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