Freezer Pod


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  • This freezer pod is perfect for new parents, as it is designed for freezing portioned meals.

    It is also perfect for freezing small bento-size sides of vegetables! Cook up a batch of spinach or other veggies and freeze into individual bento-size portions, ready to pop out into your lunchbox. The little frozen hemisphere of spinach will defrost before lunch and be perfect for eating.

    Can also be used safely in the oven, so can cook up a batch of mini quiches or other small single portion baked treats for lunch boxes.

    Highly practical for parents and bento-fiends alike!

    • Contains no BPA or phthalates and surpasses the USA FDA safety standards, instead meeting the higher grade German LFGB silicone standard
    • Made from high grade silicone ensuring it is bacteria resistant
    • Designed with a full support structure underneath, even when full of food or milk it will not bend or spill, yet it’s easy to retrieve frozen portions
    • 9 x 75ml pods (approximately the same as 4 ice cube trays) in one convenient container
    • Can be labeled with a ballpoint pen, then cleaned with soap and water
    • Clip­-on lid prevents contamination and freezer burn and allows stacking in freezer
    • Easy to clean by hand or in the dish-washer
    • Safe for oven use (up to 240°C) for mini muffins, bite size quiches etc
    • Lifetime of use  – bento potions, muffin tray, jelly mould, paint pallet, hair clip storage, finger food plate
    • Dimensions are 20.0 x 20.0 x 5.0 cm and weighs 300g
    • Designed in Australia