Hatake-no-raayu (Chilli oil)


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  • Ingredients: canola oil, sesame oil, ginger, garlic, herbs, chilli, salt, sesame seeds, Japanese ginger
    Net content : 60g

    Chilli oil 'Hatake no Raayu' (Chilli oil) is produced by Furuyaji Organics, Kochi Prefecture, Japan. Home made chilli (and herbs) oil in. The majority of ingredients are organic / local or from Furuyaji Organics themselves. Good for adding a few drops of the oil and the herbs into stir fry, fried rice or so on. 

    Furuyaji Organics is a small organic farmer in Kochi Prefecture, Japan. Their items are mainly available at growers markets in Kochi directly from them, and also from some retail shops who loves their products and thoughts.