Fog Linen Work iron pot

fog linen work


  • Fog Linen Work iron pot
  • Fog Linen Work iron pot
  • Fog Linen Work iron pot
  • Fog Linen Work iron pot

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Lovely simple iron cooking pot, perfect for gas cooktops and in the oven.  Traditional 'tawa' wok style Indian iron pot.

medium 25cm w x 8cm h (13cm inc handles)
small     19cm w x 6cm h (10cm inc handles)

Removing coating before first use - IMPORTANT

The black coating on these pots is applied to stop any rusting in transport. It is intended to come off (it is not toxic) and instructions for how to remove it and ongoing care can be seen here and below.

Before first use

  • place the pot over the gas flame on your cooktop
  • heat it up to the point where the black coating starts coming off
  • continue heating until most of the coating inside comes off
  • add small amount of oil, and stir some chopped vegetables to get rid of all the black coating
  • dispose of the vegetables
  • clean pan with hot water and dry well
  • add a thin coating of oil with paper towel or a clothnand heat up again then allow to cool
  • repeat the thin layer of oil heating and coolig process a cople of times as this builds up a layer of 'seasoning' to keep your pot non stick


  • These are not nonstick pots, but you can build up a 'seasoned' surface apply a light film of oil when you store it. You'll reinforce the coating every time you heat oil in the pan.
  • Intended for use on gas range only, for induction cooktops see your cooktop instruction manual regarding round(ish) bottom iron pots
  • the iron pot may have an uneven rustic look in parts which is quite normal.

Cleaning and storing

  • For best results, rinse the pan with hot water immediately after cooking.
  • Do not use soap or abrasive brushes use a non metallic scrubber such as tawashi or sponge.
  • rinse and dry with paper towels or cloth
  • lightly coat the cooking surface with cooking oil before storing
  • never wash is dishwasher
  • if rust does ever occur clean off rust thoroughly with a scouring brush and repeat the first use seasong tips again to re-season 


  • Avoid boiling water in the pan, which will cause the pan to rust.
  • Cast iron takes longer to warm than other surfaces but retains heat remarkably well and diffuses it evenly.
  • Cast iron remains hot long after you remove it from the stove. Always use an oven proof mitt when handling!

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