Kagawa Lacquerware Tray 33


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  • Size: d 330mm x h 19mmWeight: 360gMaterial: Natural wood (Lacquerware)

    Shikoku / Kagawa Handicrafts
    One of the representative patterns of Kagawa lacquer ware, Marubon Koma is a tray with a border pattern. The cute carving design is originated from toy with folk-art appearance. Its natural wood grain surface is lacquer finish with fine line carving. The colored lacquer is painted in the center. It has a retrospective appearance that combines traditional craftsmanship and modern design.

    A general term for lacquerware made in Kagawa prefecture that developed in the Edo period. There are five techniques: Konma, Kinsei, Choshi, Chogo, Goto Nuri, and Zouya Nuri. It was designated as a national traditional craft in 1976. It is characterized by the technique of carving and the beauty of colored lacquer, and is extremely durable and easy to handle.