Kamimizuen Satsu-satsu Green Tea Powder


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Fine grounded green tea leaves. Mix with cold / hot water or milk to drink, or use for baking cakes.

Ingredients: Organically grown tea leaves (Grounded, 2g x 20)

Instruction (Shake):
1) Put a packet of Satsu-satsu (2g) and 500ml water into a empty jar.
2) Shake until mixed well.

Product of Japan

About Kamimizuen

Kamimizuen is a small tea maker and farmer in Miyazaki prefecture, established in 1896. Kamimizuen created a product of organically grown very high quality green tea, "Bio-cha" in 1986. Since then they have been farming without agricultural chemicals and producing high quality tea.

Established: 1896
Location: Miyazaki prefecture
Number of workers: 8
Tea farm land: 7ha
Annual harvest of tea leaves: 20,000kg