Kanai Kougei Multi-wrap Cloth

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  • These FUROSHIKI [Multi-wrap Cloths] are created using KANAI KOGEI's unique vegetable and mud-dyeing processes. The combinations of mud-dyed gray and vegetable-dyed colours including indigo give the cloth an expressive depth.

    KANAI KOGEI use natural methods of dyeing called "DOROZOME" - a traditional mud dyeing technique which has been handed down in the subtropical AMAMI OSHIMA islands since ancient times are employed to create AMAMI OSHIMA TSUMUGI [pongee], a hand-woven silk cloth.

    The dye used for DOROZOME is made by boiling the wood chips of SHARINBAI - or yeddo hawthorn, a kind of tree indigenous to the island - also known as TEICHIGI. Then silk thread is soaked in the SHARINBAI sap to be dyed. 

    Silk is then washed in the mud pond besides the workshop, and the tannic acid in the SHARINBAI dye and iron-rich mud cause a natural chemical reaction. By repeating this process more than 85 times, silk turns into distinctively deep, rich black. These FUROSHIKI use the DOROZOME technique to gain the partial gray color; the other colours are derived from vegetable dyeing.

    Dimensions (cm):

    55 x 55 (Small)
    105 x 105 (Large)


    Cotton-hemp Blend, natural dyes