Kirsten Perry Lotus


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  • Large sculptural ceramic piece by Kirsten Perry.

    material: Press moulded white rake, made fire, glaze.

    dimensions: 32cm h x 30cm w

    Artist statement:

    This piece represent an opening up to a bigger energy and stillness. While making these pieces, I was dedicated to a daily meditation practice. It was quite time consuming making multiple petals and the making helped me enter a state of flow.

    Each petal is handmade, and the repetition of the petals produces patterns seen in nature. The brittle clay gives these blooms and a hard edge, brutalist feel, and they feel like a monument to nature. The white, milky glaze soften the pieces but also evoke a feeling of coral and underwater creatures.


  • Kirsten Perry has a background in Industrial Design, Fine Art (Gold & Silversmithing) and Multimedia.

    "I teach Multimedia at  TAFE. I like to work in a variety of media. Concept development and the physical act of making are my favorite processes. Anthropomorphism and character design are a major part of my work. Small scale production allows me to explore variations of similar concepts and allows me to group them into families to further explore their anthropomorphic qualities. My blog title ‘Repugnant Charm’ could sum up the nature of my work. I am interested in the balance between ugly and attractive. I play with bringing enough beauty to an ugly object or making a beautiful object a little bit ugly."