Mino ware Mortar and Pestle


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  • Maker: Mino ware (Gifu prefecture) mortar, Togichi prefecture wooden pestle
    Material: ceramic (mortar), wood (pestle)
    Please note: the pestle pictured here is not the actual pestle. The actual pestle if of smooth wood. We are working on updated images, meantime please feel free to contact us or view in store.

    Known as surbachi and surigoki in Japan, the mortar and pestle is an essential tool in the Japanese kitchen.
    The mortar (suribachi) has a “ripple comb” with beautiful curves like waves. It's made in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture. Mortars are usually drawn in a straight line, but by making it rippled, you can slide smoothly without choosing a dominant hand, without putting strength. As it can slide firmly without missing frictional force, it is recommended for those who are left-handed, as well as for woman and elderly.
    Universal pestle and mortar design for both right-handed and left-handed users.
    Available in 4 sizes:
    SS: 10cm dia x 3.8cm h (Note - SS size does not come with a pestle - it is perfect for griding ginger and garlic, wasabi, cinnamon sticks)
    S: 10.7 dia x 6.9cm h, 18cm pestle
    M: 13cm dia x 8.6cm h, 18cm pestle
    L: 16cm dia x 9.8cm h, 23cm pestle
    -mortar is microwave safe
    -not for oven, dish washing machine

    About Mino ware
    The maker of this mortar and pestle has been making mortar and pestles since the potteries' foundation in 1794 in the historical pottery production area of Mino, dating back to the middle of the Heian period. This mortar and pestle is made by its 7th generation potter.