Minaal Lawn 'Blue' (2018)


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  • Blue (2018)
    Ceramic, wood ash, glaze

    260mm x 220mm x 220mm

    Australian – Indian contemporary artist Minaal Lawn lives and works from her studio in Glenlyon, VIC. Her ceramic practice addresses form and surface in the context of abstract sculpture. It draws upon her rich cross-cultural heritage, background in fashion and delight in pots.


    About this series

    Papa, Please Show Me the Moon (2018) 

    Inspired by a fascination with the little understood cosmic observatories built in 18th Century Delhi and Jaipur, India, these works represent the grand architectural sculptures built under the rule of Raja Sawai Jai Singh II. Jai Singh’s deep immersion in the study of astronomy has resulted in permanent structures that express a want to be one with the universe.

    Minaal’s intimately scaled work imbues this same expression, coupled with a connection to colour rooted in the elusive abstract Tantric art from Rajasthan. She distills from her cultural heritage to contemporize the works’ painterly surface, which is created through layering slip and glaze.