Rice Culture Organic Miso - Vintage


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    Vintage Miso is very dark, almost black, miso, fermented for more than 18 months. The browning process is known as the Maillard Reaction and the dark pigment produced not only adds rich umami (savoury) flavour but also is a powerful antioxidant. Research has shown that darker miso has stronger effect on tumour cell growth inhibition.

    And the taste? Interestingly similar to Vegemite! Why not try on toast? 

    Made from Australian-grown GMO-free certified organic soybeans, natural sea salt and our own hand-made organic Koji, our unpasteurised Vintage Miso is fermented for more than eighteen months, and is rich in enzymes, probiotics and antioxidants. 

    Bronze Medal Winner – Australian Food Awards 2018

    Ingredients: Certified Australian Organic Soy Bean, Certified Australian Organic Rice, BFA Certified Sea Salt, Koji starter (Aspergillus Oryzae) 

    About Rice Culture

    Rice Culture is Tomoko Onuki. Based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Rice Culture's passion is to make healthy and nutritious food using beautiful local organic produce, following the traditional culture and recipes passed down through many generations.