Rice Culture Organic Instant Miso Soup


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  • Rice Culture Instant Miso Soup – Authentic Japanese is a vegan-friendly instant miso soup, prepared in a glass jar.
    We all know Miso Soup is healthy but it is not always easy to prepare… but what if there is an instant Miso Soup, made only from Australian Organic Miso and organic seasonings that you can prepare simply by pouring boiling water?
    It is made from Rice Culture’s Aka (Shiro) Miso, Shiro (White) Miso, Koji (fermented rice), tamari and seaweed. Enjoy the authentic Japanese flavour simply by pouring boiling 150cc of boiling water to 1Tbs of soup mix, or add finely chopped shallots and cubed tofu for an even authentic Japanese experience.
    One jar makes 11 cups of soups.
    Ingredients: Certified Australian Organic Soy Bean, Certified Australian Organic Rice, BFA Certified Sea Salt, Organic Tamari, Organic Seaweed (Kombu),  Koji starter (Aspergillus Oryzae)