rowsaan U handle Small

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  • Handmade brass handle

    Small: 85mm long 
    Brass screw included.

    The U handle is designed for medium to heavy weight drawers and cupboards and can be installed horizontally or vertically.

    The brass U handle uses discs to mount the curved bar handle and is designed for heavier use than our cloud and cup handles. We make two sizes, the small for drawers and cupboards (85mm long) and large for doors (142mm long), both can be installed horizontally or vertically. 
    The U handle is made using hammers to bend bar to form the handle and form the discs from flat sheet, the components are then joined utilising a tenon joint.

    Because the handles are individually handmade, the spacing of the screw holes on one handle to the next has a slight variance. This means each handle must be installed individually.