sake to utsuwa Matthias Kaiser Narrow Foot Tokkuri


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  • This listing is for a Matthias Kaiser tokuri (bottle pourer) with a snailshell glaze made from crushed snailshell mixed with kaolin. The narrow foot tokkuri with the snailshell glaze can be seen with slight hints of bluish through the glaze.

    A perfect sake decanter.

    13cm h

    This listing is only for the sake decanter, the cups and tray sold separately.

    These works were made for the exhibition sake to utsuwa. Read more about it here.

    Photos by Taka from

  • Matthias Kaiser is a ceramic artist based in Austria. He studied at Parsons school of design in NY and the university of applied arts in Vienna and apprenticed with potters in Seto and Karatsu in Japan. He seeks out, processes and blends all raw materials directly from their source. This in-depth involvement gives him a naturally occurring rich, unpredictable palette of tones to work with. The result is both minimalist and manifold, slowly revealing itself to the observer with each glance. Even though most of his objects are functional vessels, his fascination lies in aspects that go beyond their traditional function without diminishing their purpose.