Fujisu - Beni-imo-su Purple Yam Vinegar


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  • Using locally grown purple yams without the use of pesticides, the makers of this vinegar first make the beni-imo alcohol then with further fermentation and ageing they make the beni-imo vinegar.

Beni-imo-su is full of the antioxidant "Anthocyanin" (a type of polyphenol), and good for the body and anti-aging. Drink diluted with water or carbonated water. As it assists with liver function, it is a good detox for your skin, whole body and perfect for those who drink alcohol! The vinegar maker and his family drink this every morning. They swear by the health benefits. Clearing of skin and overall health. Good for gut health and soothes bloated stomach.

    Perfect for pickling or use as a dressing. 

    • Mix with a tablespoon of water for a simple healthy piquant dressing for green leaves, or blend with oil.
    • Drink 15ml per day, 1 part vinegar to 8 parts water. Perfect for drinking after a meal or in the morning. You can also add honey to taste.
    • Use it as part of a quick pickle mix - mix beni-imo vinegar with some salt and sugar to taste and add any other aromatic such as sliced chilli or lemon peel. Pour over chopped crunchy raw vegetable such as cabbage, cucumber, radish or eggplant, mix through some wakame, place a weight on the bowl for ready to eat small serve of pickles next day (these need to be eaten within a day or two). 

    About Fujisu - 

    Fujisu have been making vinegar for the past 122 years. It is now in its 5th generation of crafting hand-made vinegar. Their philosophy is based on bio dynamic and organic farming. They believe in working with the environment to produce the best ingredients in order to create a vinegar that is delicious and good for your health. For 122 yeras they have been creating this vinegar following slow food principles. Ingredients used are either made on their own farms or by local organic farmers. Either way, they are involved in every step from the beginning to the end. Iio jozo is one of the last vinegar makers to be hand crafting vinegar this way.