Chukara Mugi miso Barley & Soybean Miso (medium dark) 700g


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  • This barely miso is fermented using locally made barley(95%) and soybeans(5%) from Ehime and salt from Kagawa. The natural and gentle sweetness from the barley is specific to the Nan-yo area of Ehime and is  characteristic of tatsumi miso. In Japan it is common to use soybean miso. It is rare to have miso made 95% of barley and is what makes it special of the Nan-yo area miso.

    Chu-kara Mugi-miso is a little deeper in flavour than ama-kuchi miso which is slightly sweeter and is good as a dip for vegetable sticks(cucumbers taste best). You can mix part amakuchi and chukara to make your miso soup.

    When making miso soup as a guide( 2 serves)= 30g of miso to 300cc of stock/ dashi

    Storage tip: Decant this 1kg bag of miso into our enamel lidded storage for easy refillable stackable clean and tidy storage in the fridge.


    About Tatsumi - 

    Tatsumi soy sauce began in 1874 in Ehime prefecture. They have been hand crafting miso and soy sauce for 13 generations, using the same method. They work with local farmers in producing all the ingredients and are now moving towards organic and bio dynamic ways of making these ingredients. As Japanese and global supermarkets have been taken over by mass produced soy sauce, Tatsumi is passionate about educating people of the real taste of hand crafted soy sauce and the art of crafted fermented foods.