SAORI Hokkaido Kombu (First Grade Kelp from Hokkaido)


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  • First Grade Hokkaido Kelp for soups, sotcks and salads.

    Essential ingredient in all Japanese cuisine, and essential for making authentic vegan dashi stock. 

    Net 20g
    serving per package 20
    Product of Japan, Packed in Australia

    For dashi broth (makes 500ml broth base)

    Cut and place 5cm Hokkaido Kombu in 500ml cold water & soak for 30 minutes.
    Heat up over low heat. Simmer (or steep) for  a further 4 minutes then remove kombu.

    For stir-fry and salads

    Cut dry Hokkaido kombu into spaghetti size strips and add to your stir-fry or salads.
    Adds natural umami flavours and loads of nutritional benefits to your dishes