SAORI Tsuyu (Seaweed And Soy) Sauce 250ml


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  • SAORI's Seaweed and Soya Japanese Sauce is an authentic Japanese Tsuyu.  Contains Hokkaido Kelp Dashi Broth. 

    About 70% of Japanese cooking uses the Tsuyu flavour.  Use SAORI Seaweed & Soya Japanese Sauce (Tsuyu) for classic Japanese dishes such as agedashi tofu and nasu dengaku (eggplant with sweet miso glaze). Also the basic ingreident for noodles dishes - to make the hot broth and also for cold soba noodle dipping (for your noodle broth and dipping you can mix the tsuyu strength down with dashi or water to taste to make it go further)

    This sauce is a great alternative to fish sauce.

    NET: 250ml
    Ingredients: First grade Hokkaido seaweed stock (konbu dashi broth), Japanese fermented soy sauce, mirin (fermented seasoning), brown sugar, Sea salt.
    Contains: Wheat, Soy
    Made in Australia
    Vegan Friendly

    Store in a cool, dry place.
    Refrigerate after opening.

    Some example recipes from Saori:

    Stewed eggplants

    * 5-6 small eggplants - cut in half longwise
    * olive oil for frying eggplants
    * 50 ml SAORI Seaweed & Soya Japanese Sauce
    * dash of brown sugar
    * grated ginger and/or daikon (Japanese radish) for garnish

    1:fry eggplants in olive oil on a medium heat
    2:cook both sides until golden brown
    3:take out eggplants from oil(drain oil) and put into another frying pan. Pour SAORI Seaweed & Soya Japanese Sauce with a dash of brown sugar and 50ml water
    4: simmer for 5 minutes
    5: garnish with ginger and/or daikon
    (They are great hot or cold so you can make a lot of them and keep the leftovers in the fridge.)

    Agedashi tofu

    * 1 container firm tofu
    * 100g corn flour
    * olive oil to fry tofu
    * 50ml SAORI Seaweed and Soya Japanese Sauce
    * spring onion, grated ginger and/or daikon (Japanese radish) for garnish

    1:Cut tofu into 3-5cm cubes.
    2:Roll cubes in corn flour and deep fry until golden brown
    (if you prefer to shallow fry just keep turning tofu till all sides are golden brown)
    3:Top with grated ginger and/or daikon
    4:Pour SAORI Seaweed & Soya Japanese Sauce over dish.
    5:Garnish with finely chopped spring onion.