SAORI Yuzu Spice 26g


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  • A beautifull mildly pungent spice mix for many uses in the kitchen.

    Try it simply sprinkled on your ramen or other noodles, as final spice flourish on a simmered dish or soup, or as a savoury dip for fried veg, or try it mixed with some shiro miso then spread that on some firm tofu and then grill. Yum.

    Ingredients: 100% natural yuzu powder, red chilli, citrus peel, sesame seeds, sea lettuce, hemp seeds, poppy seeds and sea salt. - Gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans

    NET : 25g

    All homemade in Melbourne, Australia

    SAORI Japanese Yuzu Spice (Yuzu shio kosho)won a bronze medal from the Australian Food Awards 2019