Soap Club Natural Deodorant 50ml Spray


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  • Natural deodorant that works and is not irritating! The active ingredient zinc, derived from castor seed oil, traps and neutralises odour. Scented with fresh clary sage and antibacterial essential oils with the added benefit of magnesium.

    This deodorant is aluminium free, bi-carb free, alcohol free and witch hazel free. It also contains no palm oil, parabens, PEG and is vegan and cruelty free. 50mL glass bottle with atomiser.

  • Soap Club :  for everybody who believes that products should be gender neutral, cruelty free, locally made and natural. 


    Soap and skincare products needn’t be harsh to be effective. All Soap Club products are plant based and made from coconut, olive and other vitamin rich oils, butters and waxes. We avoid irritating synthetic detergents, PEG, artificial fragrances, formaldehyde releasing preservatives, parabens and petroleum derived ingredients and favour natural ingredients. 


    At Soap Club, we’re passionate about traditional techniques. Our soap is hand crafted in Melbourne. When we are sourcing ingredients we always opt for local where possible. From our olive oil to essential oils, botanicals and packaging these are all Australian made. Our ceramics are made by La petite fabrique de Brunswick, work soap labels printed by Caldera Press and Photography by Phebe Schmidt.


    While many soap and skincare products are marketed at men and women separately, at Soap Club we know that preferences for different scents and ingredients are a matter of taste, not gender. That’s why we avoid outdated, gendered packaging. Cedarwood or geranium? The choice is yours. 


    Animals and the environment shouldn’t have to suffer for the softness of our skin. That’s why all Soap Club products are free from animal and endangered plant products, including palm oil. We package our products in handmade and recyclable materials, using 100% recycled paper for our candle boxes, business cards and paper labels.