Tatsumi: Mochi-mugi-cha (Roasted Barley Tea) 240g


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  • Mochi-mugi ("sticky barley") was a popular grain a long time ago almost all over the world. However, currenty it is produced in only some parts of Eastern Asia, including Japan (around Seto inland sea).

    In western Japan, many people produced Mochi-mugi for themselves before 1920's. In these areas as they don't have much rain and mochi-mugi was alternative for the stickey rice for making mochi (sticky rice cakes). But they stopped producing mochi-mugi with changes of lifestyle and diet over time. Recently mochi-mugi has attracted a lot of attention again as a kind of super food.

    Sakenet's favourite soy sauce maker, Tastumi, uses only local mochi-mugi for this Mochi-mugi-cha. The package has a picture of the farmers.

    How to brew:

    Put 30g of Mochi-mugi-tea into 1 littre boiling water. Keep boiling another 10 minutes, then remove from heat to cool down (maybe a couple of hours). Strain the tea then keep it in fridge to be cold. Or you can drink it as hot or warm tea too.

    Ingredients: Mochi-mugi
    Net contents: 240g