Toyo-Sasaki Craft Beer Glass Set (G071-T265)


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  • Toyo-Sasaki make some of the most recognisable and reliable glassware in Japan's foodservice industry. 

    This Craft Beer Glass Set comes boxed in a palownia wood box and comprises 3 glasses of different shapes, each to enhance the different qualities of beers. The 3 different shapes are recommended as follows:

    Straight sided glass: for a crisp, dry and refreshing lager style 
    Goblet style glass: for a premium beer where you are savouring the depth and richness
    Angled glass: for a stout or dark ale where you are appreciating the the aroma of the beer 

    Boxed Set of 3 glasses
    Both commercial and residential dishwasher safe.
    Made in Japan*

    Beer Glass 1: 400mℓ, HS Premium Toughened glass
    Beer Glass 2: 350mℓ, Ion Strong Lead-free crystal
    Beer Glass 3: 420mℓ, HS Premium Toughened glass

    HS Premium Toughened glass finish comprises Toyo-Sasaki's patented techniques of toughening the glass combined with a fine sheer rim finishing. Ion Strong Lead-free crystal is a toughened crystal glass.

    About Toyo-Sasaki

    Toyo-Sasaki glass company began when two of the oldest glass manuafacturing companies in Japan merged, Toyo (est. 1878) and Sasaki (est. 1902). Toyo-Sasaki debuted the HS range in 1967 as Japan’s first toughened glass drinkware brand. The HS brand has since been appreciated as the industry standard for over 50 years by the Japanese food service and hospitality sector.

    * Glass 2 is made in Thailand and processed in Japan


  • Located in Yachiyo, Chiba prefecture (near Tokyo), Toyo-Sasaki Glass was created in 2002 following the merger between the Houseware Division of Toyo Glass and Sasaki Glass, two of Japan's oldest and largest glassware manufacturing companies. The combination of their long-standing traditions, technologies, and extensive sales networks have made TSG the biggest glassware manufacturer in Japan and marked a new chapter in Japan's glassware industry. Toyo-Sasaki make some of the most recognisable and reliable glassware in Japan's foodservice industry.