PIECE AND PART opens tonight, 6pm! PIECE AND PART

PIECE AND PART opens tonight, 6pm!


Antonia Sellbach

Exhibition 9-23 November 2012

Opening Friday 9 November 6-8pm

‘Piece and Part’ is a solo exhibition featuring new works by Antonia Sellbach.

Sellbach’s work takes the form of sets of large-scale, re-arrangeable geometric units. Sellbach explores the connections between these sets of artworks and social notions of interactivity (play). These new works are also underpinned by the ever-ongoing questioning and blurring of the boundaries between the functions of Art, Architecture and Design.

Sellbach’s work for this exhibition explores combinations to be made from sets of modular, wooden, geometric frames. This latest series centers around connections these modular frames/objects have to architectural interfaces and partitions (for example walls, windows, doorways, fences and screens.) For this exhibition, Sellbach has also created limited edition sets of small-scale, re-arrangeable wooden puzzle blocks (on enamel and magnetic steel backings). These are designed to be hung directly on the wall as both puzzles and ‘rearrangeable art objects’. Sellbach’s puzzle series reflects her interest in both modular and interactive art as well as her ongoing PhD research, investigating ‘systems of working and creating’, the interactive agencies of various objects alongside notions of play within philosophy, architecture, design, art and theory.


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