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Airplant collection

Airplants are the lowest maintenance indoor plants you could possibly hope for. They are epiphytic, no need for soil, they literally exist in air.

Simply mist spray them once a week (our brass mist sprayer is perfect for this), then shake off any residual water and be sure to not allow them to sit in water as this will rot them. To give them a feed either use diluted seasol in the mist sprayer and spray or do a quick dunk in same dilution and again shake off.

PLEASE NOTE: For the airplants listings we choose an airplant from current available stock, the airplant you receive may not be the exact as shown in these images. These are available instore or to be posted within Victoria only due to quarantine restrictions on sending plants interstate.

Gift ideas here:

Airplant + brass mistsprayer

Airplant + Mike McDowell hanger

Airplant + glass hanger