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Akari Light Sculptures
Isamu Noguchi, 1951

'The harshness of electricity is thus transformed through the magic of paper back to the light of our origin – the sun – so that its warmth may continue to fill our rooms at night.' (Isamu Noguchi)

The Akari Light Sculptures are luminaires handcrafted out of washi paper in Japan. In 1951 the Japanese-American artist, sculptor and designer Isamu Noguchi began work on this series, which eventually comprised more than 100 table, floor and ceiling lamps. The name 'akari' that Noguchi chose for these objects stands for 'light' in Japanese, connoting both illumination and physical lightness.

Each luminaire is meticulously crafted by hand in the Ozeki workshop, a traditional family-run company based in Gifu.


Where the Akari shows as 'Sold Out' this means it is available for pre-order only. Please place your pre-order request by emailing Lead-time on pre-orders is approximately 12-14 weeks.