Minhi Park Ash Glaze Stand


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  • Stand vessel by Minhi Park.
    15cm w x 12.5cm h
    material: porcelainn and stoneware clay mix, ash glazes, multiple fired

  • Minhi Park is a Korean living and making ceramics in Melbourne.


    Minhi’s work reflects her fascination with natural lines and imperfection, as well as her appreciation and respect in raw and traditional forms that are found in old Korean cultures such as heritage buildings, monuments, crafts or even daily necessities that were used in the old days. 


    She continually refines her work using traditional Korean techniques that explore the lines, faces and figures with modern materials that she can find in different places. Through this process she combines the new ideas with the old roots of her Korean background. Minhi’s challenge is to make her work embrace the relationship between different times and environments and retain her own character in this changing world.


    Having studied ceramics at Kunkuk university in Seoul, Minhi then travelled and worked in several professions for about 12 years. She restarted her ceramics career in her third year in Australia where she worked as an apprentice in a ceramic studio in North Carlton. She now works independently as an artist from her home studio.