ambatalia is a modern ecological textile goods company. pioneering in sustainable, multi-use, everyday linens to support a non-disposable life. ambatalia hopes to inspire you to move towards a non-disposable life:

"We believe every choice that we make in our day to day life can make a big difference in the world we live in. Our mission at Ambatalia is to bring awareness and simple solutions to the harmful and wasteful single use disposables that goes along with buying food and other daily necessities. Moving towards a non-disposable life is not only beautiful and less complicated but it also becomes a healthier and more economical way to live.  Around the world, plastic pollution has become a growing plague, clogging our waterways, damaging marine ecosystems, and entering the marine food web. Much of the plastic trash we generate on land flows into our oceans through storm drains and watersheds. It falls from garbage and container trucks, spills out of trashcans, or is tossed carelessly. Please visit 5 gyres to learn more."

 All Ambatalia textiles are made out of the most sustainable materials available and are proudly made in the San  Francisco bay area. The spirit of Ambatalia started in Mill Valley 2004 believed to be the one and only brick and mortar fabric store soley focusing on cultural and environmentally sustainable textiles. Eventually turning into a textile goods company with the same environmental focus. Molly de Vries is living her passion and takes pride in her work. She loves going to work everyday because she feels like she is a part of the solution and not the problem. 

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